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School of Francisco de Zurbarán, or Mateo Cerezo

Study of Saint Diego de Alcalá

Bibliote Nacional de España


American Paratrooper rescuing a puppy from a Vietnamese tunnel.


there’s Sebstan working out



then there’s Sebstan working out



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"Little known to the outside world, although they have been fighting fascist regimes since 1927, the Italian ‘Maquis’ carry on their battle for freedom under the most hazardous conditions. Germans and fascist Italians are targets for their guns; and the icy, eternally snow-clad peaks of the French-Italian border are their battlefield. This school teacher of the Valley of Aosta fights side-by-side with her husband in the ‘White Patrol’ above the pass of Little Saint Bernard in Italy, on January 4, 1945." (source)

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Trust me- that artist was probably less appreciative of his gift then what he should be. If you love your life as an artist it won't matter what life throws at you. You will love everything and get excited over the littlest of things like creating a new work of art you didn't know you could do. It's true that being an artist is the hardest way to make a living, but when you have this wonderful talent you could do anything with how can you hate life? That speaker doesn't know how good he has it.



No offense but you’re glorifying art and telling others who don’t see their lives as magical that they don’t know how good they have it, in this instance referring to an artist who doesn’t make any money nor works for people and seemed depressed as hell. A guy you don’t even know. Why would he have it good just because he makes art? Why do you know better than him that his life is so great but that he just doesn’t know it like you do? Just because you make art doesn’t mean that you should be happy and that your life is somehow magically likable and good because it took a creative direction professionally. Art isn’t some sort of medicine for that. Something tells me you don’t know your art history that well because a lot of artist don’t have great mental health track records. I don’t think you should speak for other people like that and put art up on such a pedestal. Sorry but despite it being positive I really don’t like your attitude of just telling others what their lives should be like because they do something art related.

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Alice Maud Mary Arcliffe (1852–1936), as Joan of Arc, Shakespeare Memorial Commemoration, 1889

(from ‘Henry VI’)

by Gilbert Anthony Pownall

Date painted: 1914

Oil on canvas, 76.5 x 47.5 cm

Collection: Royal Shakespeare Company Collection

how many adjectives can fit in a sentence before it loses all meaning?

one pretend knight is on a quest to find out


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what is your comic actually about? like a synopsis



Basically young ruler ascends to throne fucks up everything.

Well, hang on I have the premise written down somewhere.

Tale of two heroes centres around Shayle. The newest heir to Ayrdune, and Thain, victim of her first success as ruler and outcast.

Premise: revenge leads to downfall.

Who’s downfall? → Shayle’s. She’s so set on accomplishing her late grandfather’s wishes she destroys everything that matters to her. Yet, as she becomes more absorbed in her own plans for subjugation, she is unable to see the destruction around her. This leads not only to her demise but also a legacy of destruction that threatens to make the whole of Thyphos a no man’s land.

The story basically involves lots of politics, warfare, and horrible abominable magic.