concept arting for chapter six


Sanctificatur Nomen Tuum, 1899
Alphonse Mucha

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Gustav Klimt, The Beethoven Frieze (detail), 1902

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Boy Playing a FluteHendrick ter Brugghen, 1621

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Sebastián de Llanos Valdés, The Head of St. John the Baptist, 17th century

tennostorywriter said: His eyebrow game is so strong, I approve 100% (and man he is pretty)

In response, Alec preens smugly.

Hector’s younger brother. Less violent, but way meaner.

I’ve been stuck on chapter nine of Sangwine for three weeks, and the sole reason is I can’t decide where exactly it should take place. 


London, 1916 - “The war gave women a rare chance to show their equal worth in highly responsible jobs such as guard seen here. As soon as the war finished these jobs became for “men only” once more”


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noble sweetlove and peasant hector

tsundere stable boy hector is very important to me leave me alone to die